Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey: Part D Utilization Information


Researchers who are interested in studying Part D utilization within the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) can do so by using the MCBS Cost and Use for years 2006 through 2013. This article provides an overview of where Part D utilization information located within the MCBS during these years, as well as the list of PDE variables included with the file.

Current Version Date:

Beginning with the 2006 file, the MCBS will contain Part D utilization information. However, unlike the Part A and B claims included with the MCBS, there is not a separate file for the Part D events (PDEs). Part D administrative information for events covered by the Part D program has been appended to the Prescribed Medicine Event (PME) file within the MCBS. The PME file (called RIC PME) is only contained in the Cost and Use module and not the Access to Care module. RIC PME will contain both prescribed medicine events that were reported by MCBS survey participants as well as Part D events that are found in the Part D administrative records. Events that are self-reported or found in the Part D administrative data will appear in the RIC PME file. If the self-reported or Part D even match, then they will appear as a single record. The Part D administrative information contained in the MCBS does not include all of the PDE variables available in the Research Identifiable (RIF) version of the PDE data. Below is a list of the PDE variables that are included in RIC PME.

  • First Databank brand name
  • First Databank generic name
  • First Databank strength
  • First Databank Route
  • Service Date
  • NDC Code
  • Quantity
  • Days Supplied