MEDPAR Inpatient Admission Type Code

SAS Name

The code indicating the type and priority of the beneficiary's admission to a facility for the Inpatient hospital stay.


Source: NCH

Code Code value
1 Emergency - The patient required immediate medical intervention as a result of severe, life threatening, or potentially disabling conditions. Generally, the patient was admitted through the emergency room.
2 Urgent - The patient required immediate attention for the care and treatment of a physical or mental disorder. Generally, the patient was admitted to the first available and suitable accommodation.
3 Elective - The patient's condition permitted adequate time to schedule the availability of suitable accommodations.
4 Newborn - Necessitates the use of special source of admission codes.
5 Trauma Center - visits to a trauma center/hospital as licensed or designated by the State or local government authority authorized to do so, or as verified by the American College of Surgeons and involving a trauma activation.
6 THRU 8 Reserved
9 Unknown - Information not available.